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Girls 14 Gap Kids PATCHWORK Skirt - SOOO CUTE!

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GAP KIDS Size 14 Patchy Sun Skirt - this skirt has never been worn! NWOT (washed) $12ppd

FILA Nylon "workout pants" size Small (10/12?) - navy with mesh lining, elastic bottoms with zipper EC $7ppd

Mudd Cotton Shorts size Large (14) - purple with Mudd across rear, flowers in front, and fold over Mudd with trademarks waist band. $5ppd

Daskin Now 51/49 yoga style pants size Large (10/12) - pink with purple waist band and line down sides. Pilly but looks like terry almost. GC $4ppd

Take the whole lot for $26ppd

Please E-mail if you are interested...

I also have lots of mama size 14 dresses in the same album! :smirk:
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts