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girls clothes

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Where are your favorite places to shop for girls clothes? Mostly online, as I'm in northern Ontario and brick & mortar places are in short supply here.

I have a seven year old and a two year old. Typically I've shopped at TCP and Roots, although our Roots has a very small section and is limited that way. My seven year old is outgrowing TCP in terms of style - it doesn't suit her anymore.

I've shopped lots and lots on Lands End and some on Gymboree. Again, however - my older dd is outgrowing Gymboree... I find most of the clothing suitable for her toddler sister.

I like lots of the stuff from Hanna Andersson, but the shipping to Canada is prohibitive (we're talking $40 - $50 in shipping costs) and doesn't seem worth it.

Are there any other smaller or even larger places to that you like to shop for girls clothes? I like bright, bold colors on my younger dd - stripes, patterns, solids, etc. while my older dd is starting to develop a bit of style and enjoys things that are a bit girlier.

She's sad because there's a moratorium on all things Hannah Montana/High School Musical/Jonas Brothers/etc. here and it seems that this is all her friends wear - character stuff from WalMart, etc. and I'm trying to get her hooked on something else...

Thanks for any pointers, websites, etc!
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maybe Children's Place? Target could also be a possibility.

For the rest, you've covered my go tos.
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I find a lot of stuff at thrift stores really cheap. People tend to give away really pretty dresses right after the holidays when they have been worn only once.
for my older girl, old navy & target
younger girls- kohls
DD is wearing size 6/7 or 120 Hanna. This is a weird transition year. Some younger styles look too young now, and the 7+ styles look too old.

I have never liked Old Navy for her until this spring. They suddenly had a bunch of fun t-shirts, like Girl Scout ones, etc. So, I got some of them.

Lands End, LLBean are always good for us.

I liked Hanna a lot more when she was younger. It's gotten a bit repetitive over the years.

She's on the final size for 4-6x at Kohls but we love them for play clothes.

We've had some Gap. I've never been into Gymboree--too matchy for my tastes.

Crazy 8 is owned by Gymboree (like Gap/Old Navy) and their prices are lower and their styles are not as matchy.

We do some TCP but not much.

Sometimes we do Boden but they are $$$.

Naartjie is fun and a bit unique. They have good sales that bring the prices down a fair bit.

Basic Brilliance is good for solid color basics.

There are a bunch of organic clothing companies too that we've bought over the years, but it has gotten a lot harder to find as she's gotten older.

Hope that helps!
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Here are some other perhaps lesser known stores, although some can be a bit pricey, but you can shop sales: (click on companykids) (there's also, but since you're in Canada, not sure from which one you'd buy) (very pricey, but sometimes good clearance on very cute tees)
For your older daughter, I'd try Old Navy. They're a bit more 'hip', though I don't think they're as well made as TCP, and definitely not as well made as Hanna Andersson. They have an online shop.

Lands End is a favorite around here - mostly because they have all cotton dresses which my dd needs, but I can get them used on Ebay for a decent price. (Unlike the Hanna stuff which sells used for ridiculous amounts of money.)
Mini-Boden, Naartjie, Crazy 8, Lands End through Sears online is great for overstocks, LLbean as well. Zutano for the younger child, I love their patterns.
Have you checked out pleasemum? They have free shipping in Canada. There is not always a huge selection on the website but with the free shipping it is worth looking at.

if you like some of the tea and zutano collections in alberta sells them online with $9 shipping
Maybe if your daughter decorated some stuff herself she might be less bummed about the lack of character clothes?I love the blanks at Dharma but don't know about the shipping to Canada.
We are trying to only buy clothes at 2nd hand shops (called recycle shops where we live). We don't buy items with characters. I buy undies and socks from Hanna Anderssen. I found a super cute store on Etsy and I'd like them to make DD a dress and me a matching skirt. . .but they're kind of expensive. I just decided that if I couldn't afford to buy all organic or at least from socially responsible companies that the next best thing is to buy 2nd hand. I do still buy crap shoes since my kids seem to go through them so quickly (even the expensive ones they tear up in no time). . .but we just buy them when we see them.
Look at Deux par Deux clothes on Ebay. They are very much along the lines of the preferences you described. And they're made in Quebec (I think)! Anyway, new or used on Ebay, they're some of the coolest clothes you can find for girls. Don't buy the ones close to the original price (the brand is expensive) -- look for the deals.
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