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I have a cover/AIO shell from Manyducks that I don't use, EVER! Here's the description from her site:

THREE angled rows of snaps that actually grow with your baby. Also, when using the bottom and middle rows, snaps can be enclosed using my fold-down FLEECE-FLAP(tm). No more unenclosed snaps on your one-size dipes. Serged in soft wooly nylon. Fits approximately 10-40 lbs. Please note that although these diapers are designed to fit at 10 lbs., some mamas find them to be bulky for a newborn. Optimal range is 15-40 lbs.

Outer is a print, ice blue background with pink roses and tiny green leaves and even tinier ivory flowers. The serging is pink. The whole thing is lined with white microfleece.

It does not leak, nor wick. It isn't torn or stinky or worn out. The absolute truth is that I lost the soaker it came with on the DAY it arrived. Don't ask me how, but I did. So it just sits in the stack, lonely as hell.

I'll even include the white microfleece-topped hemp doubler it came with. You'll just need a soaker of some sort, maybe a joeybunz or CPF.

I think $7.50 is fair, and I'll just ship it parcel post.
non cc paypal please!
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