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I haven't been around here in a few days because my computer was toasted and had to be fixed in a shop.
However now I can happily share that our 2nd ultrasound (on Thursday) went swimmingly. This time the babe co-operated and we got to see that she is for sure a girl. Yaaaaaaaaay!
So of course that afternoon I hit the shops right away to buy girly fabric for nappies. Ooooh I bought some lovely fabric. I didn't go for knits because I wasn't fond of the prints. I settled on 5 great wovens instead. Now I need to send it off to Very Baby and get my excellent girly nappies made.
I also have an order in at Loveybums. Both ladies/companies have been truly excellent to work with. Making the whole process even that much better.
I'm going with side snapping fitteds and covers for both orders. So far I have 20 nappies and 11 covers. I think that ratio works.
Now I need to chose one last company to round out my stash of 30 nappies and 5-6 more covers...

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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