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Give me strength

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to deal with DH's family this weekend.

"Oh my god! HE is sooo big! You should think about weaning him!"

"I nursed Cousin until he was 13 months old, but then DH made me stop since he was as long as the sofa!"

"Thats just disgusting" (per my MIL)

"Are you STILL breastfeeding him?"

and the always popular...where they 'talk' for James

"No more titty milk, ma! Give me a steak."

"Nope, still hungry, give me some noodles."


I don't think I can deal with it, I hate it. And DH will NOT see to staying home...

Then they'll start in "You should bring him over some afternoon so we can babysit." Okay...why? I don't need a babysitter?

And not to forget DH's cousin calling him "Naughty boy" all the freaking time. "Come here Naughty Boy!" "Don't put your hand in my face, thats Naughty! Naughty Boy."

And of course I'll have to listen to MIL, the one aunt and the pg aunt talk about not nursing MIL will say it sucked and she only did it in the hospital. Aunt will talk about how her 'milk never came in' "Well did you nurse in the begining?" "No I had to give bottles since I didn't have any milk and it never came in." ummmm DUH (and her kids are only 10 and 4) And the pg one will moan and groan how she's just 'not comfortable' and we all know if the mom isn't comfortable the baby won't be either.

I fully intend to bring my "I Breastfeed Because...." bag and my "My mama loves me....*picture of a baby breastfeeding* and this is how I know" tote

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It's only temporary. You can do it. Make sure to take lots of nursing breaks!

Good luck.
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Aww Renae, I'm so sorry you have to go thru this. I think my family knows not to say anything to me, at least they haven't asked about weaning yet. Maybe you and your dh could tell anyone who asks/makes comments that he's your son and you're doing what's best for him and your family. As far as the "nasty boy" comments, tell bil (nicely) you don't speak to you son like he's a dog...I always hate it when the in-laws command my dd to do something, ie:come here, stand up, etc. and tell them to ask her if she'd like to.
Good luck,
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