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Give me your best snail/slug solutions!!

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My garden has two major pest problems - snails/slugs, and cabbage moths. I've heard that rosemary and sage repel cabbage moths so i'll be planting those around my broccoli, but that still lives my arch enemies, snails and slugs.

During the day, I just gow through and pick them off by hand, but they do their dirtiest work at night. What REALLy works that also counts as organic??
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I think Ive heard that beer really works well. If you fill a shallow dish with beer the slugs will crawl in to get the beer and will be too hammered to get out. Actually Im not sure if they drink it or what but supposedly it is a common way to get rid of them. You do have to empty the bowls of beer every morning and set out fresh. Good Luck- I hope it works for you.
beer or using some sweetened apple cider vinegar works by attracting them to it and "drowning" them- i think it destroys their protective covering. i once tried picking them off and throwing them in a bucket of plain water but the crawled right out personally i found that salt works best to kill them - it also destroys their protective slime.
there really isn't any easy way to get rid of them. intensive hand picking (night is best as is after rain) really does work leaving a few boards on the ground can help lessen the time you spend hunting for them (they'll hide there during the day as it will stay moist)
personally i use every thing can- i've also had horrible problems with them.
Eggshells have been working well for me. I save every single egg shell and crunch them up into tiny pieces and sprinkle them around my plants. they attacked my lettuce and kale sproutlets and haven't been back to finish the job since I put the eggshells out. I'm crossing my fingers that it continues to work! I swear the state animal of Washington must be the slug. They are a major problem here! I tried the beer and it didn't really work unless I actually picked the slugs off the plants and put them in myself, and even then occasionally one or two would escape. Picking them off by hand and letting DD1 go to town with a salt shaker did a better job of controlling the slugs than beer did. I'm also planning on having some boards out in the garden area for the slugs to hide under during the day, then the girls and I will have a slug destroying party every day.
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