We're giving away our favourite STEM toy on the market - the Cubetto Adventure Pack (worth $399).
We're giving away our favorite STEM toy - the Cubetto Prize Pack (worth $399). To win, all you have to do is fill out a short survey!

Cubetto is our favorite screen-less coding toy for kids. Approved by Montessori educators all over the world, it's specifically designed to make coding accessible for kids as young as three-years-old. The craftsmanship of the Cubetto playset is unparalleled - it's equipped with a durable programming board and colorful coding blocks that children can manipulate to achieve certain goals.

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Cubetto teaches children the basics of coding and STEM skills. We love that it's gender neutral and strengthens critical thinking, spatial awareness and communication skills as it creates neural patterns that are very different than screen-time allows.


Cubetto is designed to include children of all abilities by combining touch, sound, and movement activities that strengthen executive functioning skills. All this happens without language, screens or wifi. It's an effective (and fun) learning resource for home and in the classroom.

How to Win

It's easy! Just fill out this quick survey by August 13, 11:59 P.M. Eastern!

Don't forget to read the rules and regulations first.

What's include in the prize pack?

Cubetto Playset (1 Cubetto, 1 board, 1 world map, 1 story book, 16 blocks) $225



Direction Blocks $29
Logic Blocks $29


Deep Space Adventure Pack (1 space map, 1 story book) $29
Blue ocean Adventure Pack (1 ocean map, 1 story . book) $29
Ancient Egypt Adventure Pack (1 Egypt map, 1 story book) $29
Big City Adventure Pack (1 city map, 1 story book) $29

Good luck, everyone!