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Giving Baby Tomato?

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Howdy All!

Got a quick question - my 10 month old is a voracious eater. He would really like to eat what we're eating. For the most part that is fine. I cook with fresh veggies/legumes, and he's eaten them already. The only thing that worries me is tomatoes. I cook alot of stew-type dishes, using fresh tomato as a base. From what I've read, you need to wait until baby is 1 year until giving him/her tomatos.


Now neither of our families have any allergies, so do you think it's safe to give him tomatos? I'm also calling the ped to ask her, but I love getting as much info from as many sources!

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sounds a lot like my daughter. at 9 months, we did give her the tomato that she so eagerly wanted though i knew it was supposed to wait till 12 months (i tried to wait as much as possible with foods). luckily, we had no problems. it was one of the first foods she could handle whole and unprocessed, even before she got any teeth.

hope it works out for you
why not?
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