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Giving up naps at 20 months?

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Ds is almost 21 months and lately he will skip naps several times a week and it doesn't seem to bother him at all. I decided to just go with his q's and let him make his own schedule. Sometimes he'll nap 30 minutes in the car or an hour or not at all. Sometimes he'll go down at 2, sometimes at 4. It doesn't seem to change his night time habits except he will go to bed earlier on no nap days. He is also sleeping til 9am. (you have got to love co-sleeping! I'm sleeping right along side him!)

Isn't it a little early to give up the nap?
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Wow, that does seem to be early, maybe its just a stage, when he hits another growth spurt he will probably need them again. I am not looking forward to no nap days. It killed me when DD all the sudden went from 2 naps to 1. Not that I don't adore the time with her, but the dishes and laundry have to get done sometime!
I'm betting its a stage. Yes, I have read about toddlers that age and younger giving up naps, but in my experience, if you just keep having quiet time and trying to have naptime, they usually go back to napping. My four year old still naps at least 6 days a week. Also, the 9 am wake time probably has a lot to do with it!! If your dc is getting a lot of hours of sleep at night then he won't need a nap as much. I'm pretty lax about most things but I TREASURE naptime....I LIVE for it. ANd my ds is a CRANK at 5 pm if he doesn't nap. All kids are different and some will get that sleep at night instead of a daytime nap. I think I read somewhere in Sear's book ( could be wrong but I don't have many non- Sears books around here!lol) that if they are falling asleep in the car during the day that they still need a nap.
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Mine gave it up around then, and for her it wasn't a stage. She is 2.5 now, and will nap sometimes. But if she gets enough sleep at night (10 hours) there is no nap to be had.

That's right about when my dd gave up naps, too. She started out just skipping a day here or there, but now at 25 months she only takes a nap 2-3 days a week.

She does fine with it. Gets a little cranky mid-afternoon, but only for a little bit then she keeps on with her activities.

I guess it just depends on the kid. Mine has never been much of a sleeper, but she functions very well with less sleep than the average toddler, so I don't worry about it. I think it's a family trait!
My dd started fighting her naps at around 16 months. She still napped every other day or so till she was 22 months but only if I really tried hard to make her nap. But at some moment it became pointless because she really needs little sleep and she was going very very late at night to sleep if she napped during the day.

I don't think your child is too young, some toddlers are like that, enjoy your longer evenings instead!
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