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Giving up the pump...

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Today is the first day in 10 months that I have not pumped at work! My ds turned one a few weeks ago so we have been introducing cow's milk. He seems okay with it - he doesn't drink my pumped milk any more than he drinks the cow's milk during the day. We're still nursing when I am home but I know that that too, will be coming to an end soon. I have mixed feelings - I was getting so tired of the pumping but yet I now feel like I am missing something so important. I guess since he still nurses, he's not missing much. Like I said before, he doesn't drink too much during the day anyway. Just feeling a little sad that my little boy is growing up and needed a place to share my feelings...
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(((hugs))) These milestones can be so bittersweet. I stopped pumping for dd back in late November. Such a relief and sad at the same time.

If you want to nurse longer, know that stopping the pump doesn't necessarily mean that full weaning is near. I stopped pumping for ds at 18m and he continued to nurse until his 3rd birthday. Dd probably nurses more now than she did a few months ago, which I think is pretty common for the middle of the second year of life from what I've noticed.
I was never so glad as when I gave up the horns! Huge relief. Mine went fine with the cow's milk as well.

And we are still nursing and 3 yrs, 1 month.

It's a bittersweet moment, isn't it? I stopped in October after pumping until DS was 15 months. There were wonderful things like getting to take walks on my breaks, and wearing a real bra again, but it is hard to give up that little connection home and to think that DC has grown up enough to not need you in this one little way.

My DS seemed like he was weaning completely about the time I gave up pumping, but I think it was mostly because he was busy with a lot of physical development. Friends who are SAHMs say that they noticed less interest in nursing around the same age. However, once the thrill of that development wears off, they seem to become much more interested again. DS is 20 months and is nursing more than ever now when I am home.
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As usual.

I just wanted to add my voice, since maybe there are some women out there afraid to voice this opinion.

I stopped pumping when DS was about 6 months old. This was a tough decision, but I decided that since I was getting so little milk (maybe an ounce after 2 40 minute pumping sessions), I would prefer to spend that time at home with him since we had to supplement anyway. After that, my milk production did decline, and I started to dislike nursing more and more. I felt HORRIBLE about this since everyone always just RAVES about nursing. However, in retrospect, I had good reasons to dislike nursing (btw, loved it at the beginning and always meant to nurse for at least a year, then reevaluate that decision) was a combo of declining milk production and a VERY active child that made nursing not fun! As my milk production decreased, DS got frustrated that he wasn't getting enough milk (I swear, even now at a year, he eats more than I do sometimes! The kid can EAT). Also, his world was getting bigger and bigger and more exciting as he learned to crawl and become more independent. So, what did this little combo result in? My adorable child biting me (and not stopping even after I tried EVERYTHING to get him to) and flashing my boobs in public as he would nurse for a second, pop off and roll about on my lap, repeat, repeat, repeat.

At around 8 months, I finally figured out that he didn't want to nurse anymore and he had been trying to tell me this, but I was too stubborn to listen!! I stopped nursing him, and he was absolutely fine with it. Plus, my milk had declined so much that I didn't experience any pain.

Personally, I'm pretty happy that he isn't nursing anymore, and let me tell ya...I HATED pumping. So I was definitely glad to stop! I like that others can feed him (now he is on solids and cow milk, and he really only drinks milk in the mornings) and I feel more free. Also, I must admit that I was jealous of DH who could snuggle with DS without having to nurse him...I began to feel like food, and that's it! Now I can snuggle him and I know he is snuggling with me, not just getting some milk. I also like that my body is, once again, COMPLETELY my own to pollute with caffeine and alcohol as I desire!

Anyway, I just wanted to be the lone dissenter and point out that nursing isn't for everyone, even if you CAN do it.

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i'm jealous! i was hoping to give up the pump sooner rather than later, but we're dealing with dairy allergies (to goat's milk too) and i don't want to introduce soy (another potential allergen). ugh. at least, ds has cut back on his intake - he only drinks 8oz during the day - but guess what he does frequently in the evening and at night? at least we're cosleeping AND he has finally learned how to lift my shirt in bed so he can help himself. yay!

and look at that - it's time to pump before i head home.
I felt the same way when I gave up pumping when dd1 was about 15 months. I HATED pumping and I had MAJOR supply issues. But there was something about stopping what I was doing several times a day to pump (and read MDC) that made me feel closer to her. I found myself being sad and missing it--but I got over it!!


Originally Posted by joeysmommy
We're still nursing when I am home but I know that that too, will be coming to an end soon. I have mixed feelings - I was getting so tired of the pumping but yet I now feel like I am missing something so important.
I wouldn't assume that nursing is over yet! Dd1 nursed until she was about 26 months. Long after she had given up ebm in a bottle. You can still have a great nursing relationship nights and weekends. There's nothing like nursing a toddler!

Originally Posted by Petersmamma
Anyway, I just wanted to be the lone dissenter and point out that nursing isn't for everyone, even if you CAN do it.

yeah, it's not for every mama, but it sure is for every baby! hang out around here a little more and you'll find this is probably not the place to justify your reasons for not bf'ing.

anyways, back to the real topic, like the pp said, the end of pumping doesn't necessarily mean the end of bf'ing. hopefully there will still be enough milk to last him a while longer. I understand how crappy pumping is considering it's the only thing I've ever been able to do...for 8 months!
oh i was so happy to quit pumping!! i quit at 13 months. 22 months and still nursing though with no supply problems. i personally am looking forward to weaning someday but i haven't felt the time is right yet.
I stopped pumping at around 5 or 6 months. My pumping production had gone down a lot anyway, and then my pump broke. At that point, Amelia was showing interest in other food anyway. It was so strange and LIGHT the first day I walked into work without my pump. I actually got to go eat lunch in the food court instead of half-naked in the lactation room. It's always a little bitter-sweet to pass these milestones, but you're raising a strong healthy child and that is wonderful.

BTW, at 14 months, we're still nursing at home. Once I stopped pumping, my production went down a little. Since then, we've been at a nice plateau.
I've enjoyed reading the varied responses to laying off the pump... it's always good to hear all sides of the story. I am pumping at work and though it's tough, I know it's good for DD. I wish you well with your child, and hope the joy of new milestones will replace this bittersweet one. I have to say, I now understand why people would go many years before giving up breastfeeding. I do love it. Even if the pumping at work can be tough at times.
I hope I'm not too "off topic" here, if so please let me know!

I too will be faced with giving up the pumping @ work soon (plan to continue AM & PM at home for awhile anyway) and have seriously been thinking about introducing certified organic "raw" milk, any thoughts? The farmer said his wife drank it during preg. and gave to the their baby when it was time?

Once again if I have gone too far off topic I will start a new thread, just let me know and accept my apologies.
I pumped at work until around 11 months. I quit just before DD was a year old because we were taking a trip to Seattle and I didn't want to lug the breast pump. I was going for a conference and we were staying with friends so I would have had to pump during the day. Anyway, I started her on organic milk but one day shortly after that I let her taste my strawberry soy milk and she was hooked! So she rarely drinks cow milk now.

It was bittersweet to stop pumping but she really didn't need the milk during the day and DD continued to actively nurse until age 3 (much to the horror of my family!). And while I also miss the nursing, I am glad to be able to drink coffee whenever I feel like it instead of strategically timing them for nursings!
I've heard 12+ months don't really need that much milk, what are some other good beverages to give to them. I'm already tired of the organic apple juice, even though its mostly water. I've mixed it up some what for her with carrot juice etc, but I'd love to hear some other suggestions. I like the idea of strawberry soy.
Today was my first day of not pumping at work
My DD is almost 16 months old. I was down to pumping once a day and when I go to school I've found it's too hard to find a place to pump (I was doing it in the car for awhile).

My DD still nurses alot at home and we co-sleep so I sleep without a shirt so she has an open opportunity to nurse if she wakes. I'm hoping that our nursing relationship continues for along time!
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Hey Kerri (mom2olivia) - I actually didn't even give my daughter juice until she was over age 2. I didn't want her to get hooked on it because some kids will drink too much of it and it will fill their little bellies and they won't eat as much. Also, too much juice will constipate the child. I do water it down but she really doesn't drink it much and will choose water or soymilk over it most every time. Just make sure if you go with soy milk, that it has adequate calcium in it and is fortified with Vit D. 30% calcium is what milk has so I use that as my proxy. We use Silk Vanilla and Trader Joe's strawberry. I let my ped know I wasn't using cow milk and he didn't see anything wrong with it or the fact that we're vegetarian. DD does eat yogurt & cheese (organic) almost every day so I'm not worried about her calcium and protein intake.

Anyway....I would explore the soy option.
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