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Glass BBT Thermometer and other issues

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I'm new around here and half heartedly TTC. BUT, before I really get down to truly TTC, I'm trying to figure my VERY irregular and messy cycle out so I won't be soo dissapointed when things don't go perfectly. I've bought and read through TCOYF and bought a digital basal thermometer, but have two issues:

(1) My husband and I own an alarm clock, but do not ever use it. He is a professor and thus his schedule changes from day to day and thus wakes at different times. I work a bit more of a "normal" schedule, but am pretty flexible to accomidate him. We don't like to use the alarm... we (well, DH mostly) find it jolting and irratating. So, we wake up naturally; I usually wake up for the first time between 6:30 and 7:30. Am I screwed with charting my temps if I can't wake up at the exact same time every day?

(2) For the same reasons we do not use an alarm clock, my light sleeping husband is not liking the *&$!~!! beeping of the digital thermomter. I figure five minutes in bed is not a big deal at all, so does anyone know where to find an old fashioned glass BBT thermometer? I'd prefer an online source since we are a one car family and I don't want to go on a hunt for one.

HELP! I REALLY want to make this charting thing work, but if I can't get the noise issues under control in the morning, my DH (who is usually sweet and supportive) may kick me out of the bed! Not great for TTC!
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No thoughts on the glass BBT thermometer, have you tried googling for one?

But, I just wanted to say that I think temping within an hour would still be pretty reliable. You may see a slightly higher temp on the later days, like 0.1 or 0.2, but for most people that would be easy to separate from the big jump of 1.0 degrees or so when you O. The only time it might be a problem is if you have a slow-rise temp... you'd have to read more in TCOYF about that though, I don't know much about it personally.

Good luck!
Yes, I had googled variations of glass BBT, but got a bunch of hits talking about shaking it down, waiting five minutes and a LOT of pages selling glass thermometers and digital BBT. But after much searching today, I found:

Thanks for the additional thoughts about time of temp.
Comming back to say that the url doesn't have them in stock!!! Now what? ARGHHH!!!!
Temping within an hour should probably show you the overall temparture trend anyway... try it and see..

You can purchase a glass basal thermometer from the Couple to Couple League:

take care
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