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Glass Spray Bottles for Wipes Solution?

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I am going to use a homemade wipe solution, but I'm trying to locate some glass spray bottles of a decent size to store the solution. I'm trying to avoid having to buy a plastic bottle for it. I've found some places that sell glass bottles that hold 2-3 cups of liquid, but I have to buy a case or the bottles cost me $3 and shipping over $10. Anyone using glass spray bottles - where did you get them?

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It's not a spray bottle, but I like to re-use glass pump bottles. Some more "designer-y" hand soaps and lotions come in them. and, you'd still get a good squirt for the wipe. (unless you wanted to spray directly on the bum...)
Or, you might be able to find a fancy body splash in glass? (I'm thinking at Home Goods, or TJMaxx or a place like that.)

I know what you mean about buying the bottles... although some places used to let you order a 'sample" of certain bottles... I got a good assortment of blue glass for home made bath and body products that way.
Do you have a Container Store near you? I always find hard to find containers like this there. If not, what about a Salad Spritzer bottle? Either reuse one or check out Target and see if they have one in their kitchen section.

I hate that it is so hard to find glass containers!

Good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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