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Glendale AZ Library system

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Im not sure if any of you mommy's are in the NW valley but Glendale has a wonderful childrens department and a number of FREE programs for kids of all ages...

we love the foothills branch but also frequent the main branch as welll..

there is no fee for the programs and to just show up and play, the foothills branch has numerous preschool puzzles, two train tables, legos and a 'rollercoaster bead' toy.

if you are not a glendale resident i *think* the fee is $10/ for 3 months if you want a library card to check out materials..
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Just wanted to join in the enthusiasm. I used to live in Glendale and I worked at the main library for a number of years. Fabulous system, beautiful libraries. Great events for adults as well. And the most fun I ever had at work! (Really cool people tend to work at libraries.) *Sure could use a smilie right now!*
I currently work at the Foothills branch library. The summer reading program is coming up soon and there will be even more programming scheduled. Worth checking out!
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