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Gloves in the garden? Always? Never? Depends?

I can't stand to wear gloves, but I was wondering if I was being irresponsible by not covering my hands when we garden. I actually like getting my hands dirty, but just wanted some MDC input on this topic....Thanks!

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I can't stand 'em either. I rarely wear them. My skin gets so dried out from gardening without them, but I'm a trooper
I pretty much only wear them when weeding certain things, like thistle.
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Generally I don't wear them unless I'm working on something that will tear up my hands. This year I'm wearing them religously, because I'm pregnant and the %$&^ cats keep pooping everywhere.
like earthmama, I wore gloves (plastic kitchen ones) religiously when pg due to cats. I hate them but will wear the rubber-dipped cotton ones sometimes, leather ones when pruning vicious @#$% roses.
Never, unless I'm pulling thistles or something like previously mentioned. I have some gardenign gloves that I bought, and they just end up getting muddy and either the mud goes through anyway or I get annoyed at the bulk and take them off
I figure I'm safe from the ickies of whatever is in there as long as I wash my hands before eating or something
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My MIL gave me some cool rubber-dpped cotton ones (rubber on the fingertips and palm, cotton on the backs) that I like because your hands can still breathe. That being said, I pretty much only wear them when I'm doing some really muddy weeding and have planned ahead. Otherwise, I'll just work without.
In our old house, I had roses, so the gloves would come out for those. My parents live where there are a bunch of copperheads and rattlesnakes, and they're so anal about glove preaching. Since our new house backs up to a forest, I was wondering if I wasn't asking for trouble from hiding snakes. But, I figure, what protection is a bit of cotton going to provide and really, what are the odds od snake bite?

I do keep having to wash my hands so much...just as soon as I get up to my elbows in dirt, my dd decides she wants to nurse or someone needs me inside. My hands are really dry.

Any hand softening suggestions from my favorite gardeners???

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I almost never use glves unles I'm handeing something prickly.

For realy dry hands I use something called 'bag balm' or 'udderly smooth' they are the same thing diferant brands. It's lotion ment for dry cracked cow udders but you can often find it in garden centers or drug stores as it is great for realy dry garden hands.
I try to make myself wear them but I usually don't.

It is hard to clean nails, and my hands get very rough (with persistent dirt in the dry creases of skin), but I tend to be an impulsive gardener and just do odd tasks when I get a chance while outdoors with the kids and such. It really bugs me to have dirty fingernail a lot of the time--my feet are often dirty too because I wear sandals in the garden mostly. Embarassing--I like to feel pretty and fresh but not to fuss over skin or nails.
I also prefer not to wear gloves, but will occasionally if I know I will need to go somewhere shortly or pick up a child, etc....

Warm wishes,
I very nearly always wear mine. They're soft leather and I love them. I especially love them a lot more than the blisters I tend to get if I don't wear them. But I don't wear them when I am planting seeds. Too fiddly!
I wear them now when turning the soil and shaking out grass roots, since we have a tremendous amount of rabbit poop in our yard and it seems like I always need to go to the baby right when I'm deep in soil. But once things start growing - and the rabbit poop dissolves a bit - I don't wear gloves to weed, transplant, etc.
I seem to be both an impulsive and compulsive gardener

I love putting my hands in potting soil, too
Are leather gloves not hot?
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Always. I hate hate hate getting dirt under my nails and around my chewed-on cuticles. And I have dry skin on my hands and hate when it starts to crack (and I don't want dirt in there either). For quick jobs, I use latex surgical-type gloves. For more intensive gardening I use the cotton/latex dipped ones.

I can't stand having dirty feet either and am NEVER barefoot. I guess my feet are just super-sensitive. In the house I have socks on at least, but usually shoes or slippers. i'll wear sandals in the summer, but have to wash my feet before going to bed.
hate gloves, but I wear them more and more becuase I can never get my finger nails clean ....and wear shoes out of necessity
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Originally Posted by Lilacmoon
I hardly wear shoes... much less gloves.

I can't stand wearing gloves in general. Everything feels so different with them on.
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I actually love to get my hands dirty, but I'm either wearing gloves or not touching the dirt at all right now. (Using my spade and fork tools to manipulate the dirt.) I have found TONS of cat poop in my gardens and that makes me SUPER uncomfy with working the dirt with my hands.
I feel so angry about the way other people's cats are using my gardens as litter boxes, but haven't been able to afford the ultrasonic cat deterent yet. argh!
Hopefully we'll be able to get that soon...

BTW, the reason I'm so paranoid is because I'm preggo! If I wasn't, I would still be pissed, but probably would work the dirt after mixing in the additive to help the soil. I don't know for sure, though, since I've never encountered this problem to this extent before!
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