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Hi ladies!!!

I have a question..I have hyperinsulinemia and possibly PCOS. I've felt horrible ever since I got pg with DS almost 5 years ago. I was diagnosed with insulin problems in 2002 and went on glucophage/metformin and it was the *ONLY* time I have felt good in 5 years!! I lost weight and felt fantastic..I took it until I got pg with DD in 2003.

After I had DD I wanted to go back on the glucophage but no one would prescribe it for me since I was nursing. DD is now almost 16mo and nursing 2x a day.

I desperately need to go back on glucophage. My BP is high, cholesterol is high, I can't lost weight, I feel awful, etc. We also want to get pg in about 6-9 months and I know I won't start o'ing again until I get back on glucophage.

I have an appt with my ob/gyn today but I know he won't prescribe it for me if I tell him I'm still nursing. Dr Hale says it's fine, Dr Newman says it's fine etc but my OB still won't prescribe it for me if I admit I'm nursing..

Sooooo...What do I do??? I need this med..I'm really getting worried about my health and I feel so bad I can barely function some days..I can hardly take care of my kids I'm so tired..

Do I not tell the OB I'm nursing or do I wean? I think DD would be okay with it but I don't know if I would...Thanks for any advice!!! I don't know what to do!!
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