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Gluey rice?

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I made DS sweet brown rice last week. He's 8 months, toothless and not dealing well yet with texture. He loves to play with food though so I offer a tiny bit of something once a day or so.

Well, I toasted, ground, cooked and pureed this rice. And it came out not unlike thick glue. Am I doing something wrong, or is this what it's supposed to be when mutilated like that? :LOL
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I think that probably is normal since I think you are using a sticky rice. Maybe brown basmati would work a little better. Or maybe you could water down the gluey stuff. Did he like it at all? I made some oatmeal for my daughter, but she wasn't thrilled. It was a little gelatinous, but I had also mixed some banana into it. Then I put the leftover in the fridge and gave it to her today. It came out of the storage container in one lump. :LOL She had fun playing with it, and actually got a little in her mouth, but she didn't seem like she wanted to eat it.
porridge from sweet brown rice does not work. Like you found it, it just comes out like glue. If you use either short grain brown or brown basmati/jasmine, you will have better results.

I made my porridge like this:
grind whole grain brown rice
soak overnight in warm water in a warm place (like for bread)
cook in the morning adding water to get it to the proper consistency
eat and enjoy!

Koreans make sticky rice cakes (like japanese mochi) out of sweet rice. It's powerful stuff!
also , rince or soak you rice before cooking, it washes away the excess starch that causes sticky glue rice.
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