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gluten and grains and allergies

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Ok my ds is allergic to milk (as far as we can tell, we took it out of his diet and all colicky-type symptoms and his cradle cap disappeared.)

So I've wanted to be careful in introducing new things to him. One of my big concerns was wheat. But *then* I read barley (which I had introduced) has gluten. And gluten is usually the problem with wheat right? He didn't have any problems with the barley.

I had read no wheat till a year for allergies.........but then I read somewhere else that if you don't introduce it between 4 and 7 months, your baby is MORE likely to have problems with it later. (*I* am personally for 6 mos and up w/solids)

And when I asked my ped, she said go ahead and do it and watch him closely.

So, this is his fourth day with wheat, and I don't see any problems...

I wish I had known all those things about iron-fortified cereal in the beginning though!
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4 months rec for solids are only for formula fed babies. BF babies should go 6 months or longer.

Introducing food between 4 and 7 months to AVOID allergies? No Way.

There is not even a biological proof of this since babies do not produce the enzymes in order to digest all food properly at that age. I've actually heard that kids don't have the proper enzymes for all grains until 18 months.

Yes, gluten, the protein, is usually the problem with wheat.

Read more about grains in general here, they are not easy to digest foods and shouldn't be baby's first good IMO:

I wish I never gave my DS grains at all until after a year and wouldn't do it again with another baby if I'm lucky to have a second chance.
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