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Go me!

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Okay, this is silly, I'll admit it. But my 7 yr old brought me his pillow and showed me how the side seam totally split and the stuffing was coming out. My first thought was "Darn, he needs a new pillow." Then I thought "No - sigh - I should get out needle and thread and try to patch it."

And THEN I remembered I have a brand new serger. So I zipped it through the serger and sewed it back up (okay, it took me three times b/c I kept missing one section - it's hard to hold a pillow straight, lol!)

But for $300, I saved us $10 in a new pillow :LOL Hopefully this is the first of many savings!

Anyway, I thought it was cool. In minutes, my son had his pillow back, good as new. I think I'm going to like this serger.
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LOL! I KWYM - there is no way I could go without a serger. I use it for everything - diaper & cover making, clothing repair, decorative applications, etc. etc. I know it doesn't sound like much savings right now - but just you wait, that little baby will quickly pay for itself!
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