Every Easter season I enjoy spending time with my children dyeing Easter eggs. This year we did a little bit of experimentation, both with a basic Easter egg dyeing kit and by creating our own natural dyes with items we were able to find in our kitchen.

We set up all of our materials on our kitchen table and covered our workspace with towels for the inevitable spills. Wide mouth glass mason jars work great and also create a beautiful display during the process of dyeing eggs.

All of my children enjoyed the instant gratification and the bold colors that a commercial egg dyeing kit provide. While my younger ones were watching the tablets dissolve and the jars fill with color, my eleven-year-old daughter and I started preparing materials for natural dye baths.





We created dyes onion skins, turmeric, brewed coffee, beets, blueberries and red cabbage, inspired by recipes and directions from the following links:

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11 Homemade Easter Egg Dyes

We let the eggs sit in the natural dye baths in our refrigerator throughout the day.

When we took them out we were all pleased with the results!

Natural dyes are fun to make and can have some unique results that you may not anticipate. The process is a fun learning experience for both children and adults.

I encourage you to give it a try!