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We are getting into the final stretch. Augh!!!! I did great for my goals for last week so I am trying to keep up the pace.<br><br>
-Get Benji's garden planted (carryover for dh since I can't dig up the grass)<span style="color:#008000;">finished</span><br>
-Plan and send out invites for Benji's party<span style="color:#008000;">waiting for confirmation</span><br>
-Make Benji's firefighter outfit for his birthday<span style="color:#008000;">finished</span><br>
-Take Benji's 3 yr. pics and my belly pics (once again depends on dh since he is our photographer...and our studio is the current playroom....that one may carry over to next week) <span style="color:#008000;">ha, ha, ha</span><br>
-Sew/buy covers and more least 4<span style="color:#008000;">nope</span><br>
-Keep purging and organizing the house<span style="color:#008000;">yes!</span><br>
baby stuff...<br>
-start hypbirth<span style="color:#008000;">yes</span><br>
-start packing hospital bag/at least make a list<span style="color:#008000;">yes</span><br>
-start birthplan<span style="color:#008000;">no</span>

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Keep up with housework!<br><br>
Clean bathrooms, they are really, really funky. It's actually gross.<br><br>
Solidify birth plans in the event that Baby Boy takes his time and my folks are out of town at my sister's wedding.<br><br>
Catch up on computer/data entry work I slacked on last week.

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I've been floating through this pregnancy assuming things will happen in good time, but it's starting to bug my organized tendencies. So, here are some goals for me this week:<br><br>
- Make two cute outfits (1 boy, 1 girl) and send them off to my secret stork recipient from my LiveJournal DDC<br>
- Make an inventory of the box of boys clothes I bought on Craigslist three weeks ago<br>
- Make a new floor plan for the nursery (now that we found a cheap change table which wasn't originally in the plans)<br>
- Finish knitting the blue sweater<br>
- Make 3 other baby outfits (light summer wear)

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Okay, I am hoping to do better than last week..<br><br>
1. Clean out under kitchen sink<br>
3. Clean, purge and organize the basement...this will mostly be DH..but I have to direct him (and make him actually DO it <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol"> ).<br>
4. OFFICE, OFFICE, OFFICE...I am not really sure why this office thing is not getting done..maybe because i have soo little room in my office and soo much stuff..I think I am overwhelmed.<br><br>
I am leaving it at that this week, because I really need to get those things done and off of my list this week...they have been on there forever!

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*phew* We moved over the weekend. Our friends came over and we were all moved in a little over an hour!<br><br>
We have until late tonight/early tomorrow to get downstairs all cleaned and ready for the new tenants. So today's goal is to CLEAN! There are still a few things to move up here, but mostly just pictures on the walls and such... there are a few dirty dishes in the sink down there that need to be washed so that I can move the dishwashing supplies up here so I can do the dishes up here <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/dizzy.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="Dizzy">:<br><br>
-Clean downstairs today<br>
-Unpack, unpack, unpack the rest of the week! My goal is to get the main area (kitchen, livingroom, diningroom) done this week - hopefully the bathroom too. Then I can focus on the playroom next week!<br><br>
Our bedroom is all set up except for the decorative bedroom stuff that's in a box in our bedroom.<br><br>
Our livingroom is mostly set up, just a few boxes of record albums in the corner.<br><br>
Our diningroom has a ton of book boxes in it so it'll be a little while before that's ready.<br><br>
Our kitchen is a disaster.<br><br>
The bathroom is tolerably unpacked, but we need to make a curtain for the shower (we have a brand new cloth outer part that we scored at a rummage sale for like 50 cents and we have tons of clear plastic so we'll just cut it to size and punch some holes and save some money!).<br><br>
The playroom needs the most work... and that's my territory...<br><br>
Dh's office needs the second most work - and I don't have to lift a finger in there <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="thumbs up"><br><br>
love and peace. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love">

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What is it with offices? They seem to be causing a lot of trouble. Dh and I have, I think, decided to move his office upstairs and our bedroom downstairs because we're both afraid of falling down the stairs with baby, sooooo....<br>
1. Finish cleaning/ decluttering/ purging both office areas to prepare for the switch.<br>
2. Move all of my fabric into old china cabinet downstairs.<br>
3. Start on my niece's jingle dress, to be finished before Memorial Day powwow. Fortunately, it doesn't take long to finish a 22-month old's jingle dress. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"><br>
4. Make an appointment with our "financial advisor", ie our friend who runs the bank in town. DH got a fellowship (YAY!) and our financial situation is going to change pretty quickly here. We're not totally in agreement as to how use the money, build credit, etc. So, we should sit down with someone who has a better handle on these things before June, when the fellowship starts.<br>
5. Just maintain the current state of cleanliness.<br>
6. Remove and replace the sealant in the bathtub because it's moldy and gross.<br>
7. It's neighborhood clean up this week. Get all of our boxes and crap (namely from the basement and garage) to the curb before tomorrow morning. Dh is responsible for most of this. Again, YAY! <span style="color:#FF0000;">Complete- All moldy and dusty boxes are out on the curb. The sanitation guys are going to hate us.</span>

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<div style="font-style:italic;">What is it with offices? They seem to be causing a lot of trouble.</div>
Office issues here too - I still haven't cleared mine out, moved the computer to the kitchen or anything. It's becoming the baby's room.<br><br>
Like someone else said, I've been coasting through this pregnancy thinking there was lots of time too. But if I never do anything, it'll never get done, will it?? I have a real procrastination problem.<br><br>
So, this week:<br><br>
1. Move computer down to kitchen.<br>
2. Get DH and someone to move filing cabinet.<br>
3. Move desk into storage loft in garage.<br>
4. Bring a ton of stuff over to a friends' house for her charity garage sale.<br>
5. Call painters for quotes on painting most of the upstairs walls and trim.<br>
6. Clean this messy friggin' house!<br><br>
That seems like more than enough for one week...

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1. Not bang in anyone's head.<br>
2. Maintain the clean rooms that I did last week.<br>
3. Take a breath and not bang in anyone's head.

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Lets see here...<br>
~plant shallots<br>
~finish sewing wingcovers<br>
~scoop dogyard<br>
~change Subaru oil<br>
~complete community mailing<br>
~work on websites<br>
That should be enough...<br>
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