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Goat milk versus cow milk?

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For those that offered/introduced an alternative milk, what did you choose, and why. Do you have links? What makes one better (or worse) then the other.

I have been having problems pumping for the freezer now that DD is almost a year old, and I'm thinking about introducing a milk that can be offered when I'm away. She will take a bottle (sometimes a cup or sippy) better when I'm not around then solids and water.

This is not to replace nursing, and it is not as a beverage to drink around the house, or to have in her sippy. It's really only for comfort when I'm not home. So, not much. Maybe a couple times a month.. if that.

I'm so torn. I can get raw cows milk, and only pasteurized goat milk (if anyone knows of raw goat milk in south Florida, PM me). And then there are all the nut/grain milks. Everytime I look I get conflicting info about soy, rice, etc.

I'm so confused.
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I avoided cow and goat's milk because of a family history of eczema and food allergies. Both cow's and goat's milk have milk protein and that is what can exacerbate allergies in young children though some say goat's milk is easier on the stomach.

My 2 youngest children drink rice milk w/out a problem. It's obviously not their sole source of nutrition (I'm not comparing it to bm) but for supplementing I think it's fine. If you have a family history of allergies I would personally avoid milk and soy milk as long as possible.
No history of family allergies. I heard that Soy was bad for babies bcause it messes with their hormones?
When I had my son I had supply issues and it was recommended to us by his pediatrican that we should supplement him with either formula or goats milk. She said goats milk is the closest thing to human milk. So that's was we chose he has never had a problem. Our family has a history of allergies but goats milk was the alternative my mother gave us when available. Now I just don't drink milk. My son self weened at 16 months (he's 2 now) and we aren't planning on introducing cows milk at all. Thankfully I don't have supply issues now with my 9 week old. We buy the powdered goats milk because it fits our needs financially. I would recommend trying a few things and letting your dd decide which she prefers, especially since its just for when your gone. Good luck.
oh the brand we use is advertised in Mothering- Meyenberg Goats Milk

I hope it's ok to put this link to more info
The protein structure of goats milk is more similar to human milk than cow's is. Also, it has less allergy issues. When we need to supplement we use goat, which is also what our pediatrician and IBCLC recommended since formula made them throw up. The babies only get about 8 ounces each per week.

some helpful info:

Oh, we use Meyenberg whole goats milk. There isn't raw milk available locally yet (but soon).
See, I would rather not give her any milk at all, *but*, she won't drink water except in little teeny tiny sips. When I'm gone and she has some solids she still won't drink. I KNOW she would drink a bottle with some milk in it (well, I'm pretty sure she would), and thus stop her from getting upset because she's thirsty and won't drink any water.

I've tried pretty much everything to get her to drink water, but she just won't drink it.

I'm so torn. On one hand I think that a few ounces a month (she has never drank more then 2-3 ounces from a bottle) is not that big a deal and that all the warnings are for people who want to replace breastmilk/formula with other milks, and then I think that I should just skip it all together to be on the safe side.


How do you get your kids to drink water?? THAT is my real problem.
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I've had a hard time getting my dd to drink water too...?
My DS loves 1 part prune juice 3 parts water. If later on I give him milk (after he weans during the day, 2-3 years?) I might get goat milk but I'd have to switch grocery stores.
She said goats milk is the closest thing to human milk.
Actually its not.

Donkey milk is
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