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Honestly, I think, like everything else, it's going to be dependent on your body on how well any of these things work.

I think Goat's Rue is supposed to be helpful for those who have PCOS, who are trying to bf adopted babies and I've heard also those who have insufficient glandular tissue.

The fenugreek I used to get in cap form from my local health/vitamin store didn't seem to do much for me except make me smell like maple syrup. I didn't seem to pump any more otherwise.

I just obtained More Milk Plus (fenugreek, blessed thistle, nettle leaf, fennel) and Goat's Rue from I don't know for sure if either one is good for me, so I'm trying the MMP first then trying the Goat's Rue. I can just tell you they taste pretty awful undiluted.

I'm hopeful and skeptical at the same time. I'll let you know how well they work.
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