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Goddess, make the Gas go away!!

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I became the Queen of Gas when I was pregnant, no matter what I ate. It went away for awhile after the babe was born, but now it's back...and it STINKS!
Some days I'm OK, others are terrible and there isn't an obvious food correlation. I'm drinking Metamucil to keep myself regular --with mixed results.
Is this a normal pp side-effect? Will I always be gassy?
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Yes. You are hereby cursed with eternal gas. But it is a small price to pay for the glory of motherhood.


Just kidding, of course. Your body's going through a lot of weirdnesses now (as you well know) and I think this is just one of them. Especially if, as you say, there's no food correlation.

And, at any rate, better you than the baby! At least you can deal with gas without howling for hours on end...right?

Hang in there, hon!
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Hi Kaci!

One thing that I have found to help my gassy/bloated digestive system is to properly combine my foods. I definitely notice that if I have a large meal full of lots of carbs and lots of protein, I am more gassy and bloated. So when you eat a meal with lots of protein, try to stay clear of the carbs, and visa versa. This also helps me load up on veggies during meals, and veggies carry beneficial enzymes for digestion, especialy when raw.

You could also try drinking kefir regularly to populate the good flora in your system. That seems to help me also. From what I've researched a bit, good flora is more likely to produce a less *scented* gas, and it's the yucky flora that creates the stinky gas as a byproduct of chemical reactions during digestion. (Maybe someone else knows more here and can tell me if this is true, I can't remember my source.)

Anyways, hope that helps, good luck!
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This is all so VERY interesting
I have been rather gasious myself lately and would love to know how to stop it!!!
If anyone has any other ideas, please pass them along!!!

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I eat a good amount of soy daily, and I have problems with gas, especially by the end of the day. In the morning, I have a soy protein shake, and sometimes I'll eat a veggie burger or tofutti ice cream during the day as well.

One time I was reading one of those free magazines in the health food store and it suggested a few different herbs to help gassiness. One of them was fenugreek, which I started using because I had it on my shelf after my dd was first born for milk supply. I take 3 capsules every morning, and it helps me a lot.

I wish I could remember what the other herbs were!
Thanks for the herbs idea Karmel! Speaking of herbs, has anyone tried a digestive aid herbal tea? I've been wanting to try one but I haven't yet. I think at our HFS there's one called Eater's Digest.......anyone had success with that? I know it has peppermint in it, but I'm not sure what else.
OK--so does drinking soy milk give us gas?? I am wondering if that is the difference, I don't want to give up my chai/soy latte
But I am sooo stinky as well :LOL

Thanks for the ideas--I will have to check into the herbs that may help--hadn't thought of that, just trying to make it go away

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Yes, there is a HUGE gas factor with soy!!

While I'm at it, I want to congratulate the OP on the birth of her baby! Boy or girl??
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Boy! He's a blessed 12-week-old child who already tops 14 pounds!!

I'm going to try fenugreek and kefir (what is that? where can I get it?). I consume A LOT of soy, so maybe there is a food connection after all. We'll see.

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