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I got pg in the first year of a 2 year, highly structured, master's program, had ds 2 weeks after spring finals and went back to finish my second year that August (ds was 13 weeks). I pumped during breaks and ds was in daycare while I was in school plus some additional time to give me time to study (24-32 hours/week). I also have an incredibly supportive dh who had baby duty frequently. I don't have any horror stories to tell you. I did it, I'm not superwoman. It was easier when ds was a few months old, than when he was closer to 1 year old, and it was a helluva lot easier than when I was pg. (I got my first set of straight As for this last semester, yay!) My tips are to make sure you build in study time to whatever care arrangement you have. You will be exhausted if you only study when the kids are sleeping. And make friends with the department admins, they are usually closer to your age and/or life experiences than to the other students and they can be your saviors. My department admin found me an unused office to pump in every day for six months. She was a huge help. As for the pump, I used a Medela PIS during the first 6 months, but stopped pumping at school when ds was six months old (I was only at school for half days). If you can get away with it, try the Avent Isis, it is much more convenient to carry with you, and if you are only pumping at school once a day, you probably won't need a big electric pump, IME.

Good luck, it can be done. Don't forget the mama mantra, this too shall pass...
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