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I started grad school when my older dd was 4 months old & my younger dd was born my last semester. My dh was working 1000 miles away at the time, so I was basically a single parent. I took 3 classes/semester for the most part & 1 or 2 every summer & got done in 2 years. My classes only met once/week for three hours each, so I was going to school from 6-9pm three days/week.

I didn't need to pump while I was at school, but I did pump some at home so that I had milk to leave with the sitter. For the most part, I left my older dd with a woman who did home daycare while I was in class. By the time that dd #2 came along, I had a friend who watched my older dd while I was in class & I brought Tessa (my younger one) with me to class for a few months. I took one week off from school when Tessa was born & then went back when she was almost 2 weeks old with her in a carrier. I just nursed with one arm & wrote with the other when needed. I was blessed b/c she was pretty well behaved in class - didn't cry, etc. I started leaving her with my friend, too, when she was 2-3 months old. I definately would not have brought a six month old with me though - too vocal & mobile :LOL !

I pretty much wrote papers in the middle of the night & didn't get a lot of sleep. I wouldn't want to do it again, but I did make it work pretty well at the time.
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