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Going down to one nap?

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How and when did your little ones go from two naps to one? DS, who turned one last week, has been fighting the morning nap...and by this I mean that 1.5 hrs of nursing, bouncing on the yoga ball, etc. ends with my giving up on his falling asleep. (He's never even come close to putting himself to sleep.)

How do I know if he's ready for just one daily nap (even if I'm not!?)? Most people I've asked have indicated that it happened for their kid around 15-18 months of age.

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Does he seem tired when you go through your pre-nap routine? If not then I'd forgo that nap at the time. It may change day to day. My ds just turned one as well and some days he'll take one nap and other days he'll take two. I usually just try to follow his cues.
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