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Going in for D&C in one hour

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And I'm scared out of my mind! But I've been getting anxiety the last few days everytime I see blood. I feel like this is the best decision, even if I am almost dizzy with fear. I've never needed to go to the hospital or been under anesthesia before. I just cannot WAIT til this is over.
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HUGS I had one this yr earlier and it wasnt bad at all.
I was sound asleep and knew nothing!
I hope your ok

I hope it went okay.
sorry for your loss momma.
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I'm thinking of you
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I hope it goes ok for you HUGS
Thank you, ladies. I so wanted to do this naturally but I basically wimped out. Plus at 12 weeks along I figured I might have to have one anyway after I passed most of the tissue/clots.
It was extremely well. The nurses were the best ever and of course, once I had anti-anxiety meds, I was happy and giggling as I was in the OR. lol
I was under in seconds and woke up a bit achy. Popped some Ibuprofen, Lortab, and Xanax (yikes, hopefully won't have to take all that at once again) and now feeling pretty good. Emotionally doing well. Just ready to heal physically (and a little more emotionally) and then try, try again.

Thanks so much for your support and answering all my questions, girls. It meant a lot to me.
Here's hoping 2009 is a wonderful year for us all!
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im glad it went well for you.. when I had mine I was 12 weeks along as well and felt really nervous of what to expect.. something about 12 weeks that supposed to make everything ok and when it wasnt I freaked out.. i
you sound like your doing well and I hope to see you preggos soon
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