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We leave Saturday morning before Sunrise. Driving 5 hours away to the in-laws. Will come home Monday mid-morning. Will most likely get to wash a small diaper load on Sunday (<evil grin> my BIL will freak when he hears MIL is letting me wash diapers in their washer, bwaahaahaa). Here's my plan so far...

7 Happy Heiny's(for car rides)
13 fitteds (was thinking mostly dewdrops since I like fleece lined best)(for hanging at the In-laws & my parents)
5 all fleece pocket diapers(for naps and emergency nighttime)
5 Angelwraps (for purse on outings)
3 pocket fitteds for nighttime
ALL my fleece topped doublers (8 or 9)
Oatmeal cashmere KiwiPie(nighttime cover)
MosaicMoon soaker(nighttime cover)
Fish Calicobaby fleece cover (show off cover-dh's favorite)
Cougars Calicobaby fleece cover (another dh show off one-he said we MUSt bring these,lol)
Woolybumbums Mariners cover (for Braden to wear to my Dad's, HUGE Mariners fan)
blue white crackle dye KiwiPie (so I can exclaim "why yes, this gorgeous thing IS wool!)
and then either the green cashmere KP or one of the pairs of PicklePants just in case Braden does some outdoor crawling (but which one??).

I'm not sure what other fitteds to bring, we have a Little Caboose, LOTS of Fireflies, a few cool Berry Patch dip dye (I think dipped..), a Freshies...could be forgetting some. I want to make sure I have some neat ones to show the Great-Grandmas. And also being left at home is the Kiwipie rice with cinnamon snaps/serging, I love it, but I picked the blue/white crackle KP to show off instead...hmm...(and believe it or not, I have each day charted out with the activities we're doing-barbecue, IKEA trip, etc.-and which diapers he will wear-not brand name,lol, just type, this is all in my notebook). Oh, and everything will be appropriately stuffed ahead of time!

Oh and I want to bring home some clean fluff, so that's why I'm taking enough for all 3 days and not just to last me til I wash there.

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Originally Posted by HRC121799
and then either the green cashmere KP or one of the pairs of PicklePants just in case Braden does some outdoor crawling (but which one??).

I'll go out on a limb, and say take the PicklePants - you already have a Kiwi in the mix. Also, I'd go for more Fireflies personally (that folding soaker thing impressed me!), but just make sute to take cute ones (like that's difficult with your stash).

And I'm totally like you in that I have things planned out too... especially IKEA (I love it there!). You'll get a workout with your sling there. It usually takes us 2-3 hours to get through it, and that's only buying maybe $50-$75 of stuff. Did I mention I


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Hehe I just packed for my trip. I'm going to be gone for a month, though with the first week and a half at the beach with no washer so I want to minimize laundromat time - plus I offered to CD my nephew so I think I can last 2 days with both of them or 4 with just Noah! Call me crazy.
hey, who said that?!?

20 fitteds (mostly SP w/ SOS & Muttaqin)
7 pockets (5 FB w/ CPF's & 2 FCB windpro env)
4 shells w/ 4 extra inserts (2 fuz WIO, 2 fleece - SP & RB)
3 PUL covers
1 night time wool (BBH)
1 more daytime wool (celtic wolf)
1 windpro fleece cover (FCB w/ moon & stars)
pickle pants
several doublers

This is takes up half the suitcase! I have all of Noah's stuff packed, my swim suit & pj's - I still have to pack my clothes and only have 7# left for my clothes!! *darned 50# weight limit* good thing it's summer & I'm not a clothes horse - just a bit of a hyena
But I think I've got my priorities straight :LOL
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