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Hehe I just packed for my trip. I'm going to be gone for a month, though with the first week and a half at the beach with no washer so I want to minimize laundromat time - plus I offered to CD my nephew so I think I can last 2 days with both of them or 4 with just Noah! Call me crazy.
hey, who said that?!?

20 fitteds (mostly SP w/ SOS & Muttaqin)
7 pockets (5 FB w/ CPF's & 2 FCB windpro env)
4 shells w/ 4 extra inserts (2 fuz WIO, 2 fleece - SP & RB)
3 PUL covers
1 night time wool (BBH)
1 more daytime wool (celtic wolf)
1 windpro fleece cover (FCB w/ moon & stars)
pickle pants
several doublers

This is takes up half the suitcase! I have all of Noah's stuff packed, my swim suit & pj's - I still have to pack my clothes and only have 7# left for my clothes!! *darned 50# weight limit* good thing it's summer & I'm not a clothes horse - just a bit of a hyena
But I think I've got my priorities straight :LOL
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