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Going out of town - hotel? can I CD?

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I probably should just not even try but the thought of sposies makes me
..I have twins (11 mos old when we go on the trip) and we are going to Wash DC for a wedding - thurs- Sunday. Staying in a hotel etc.

AM I nuts to consider CD's for this trip? Surprisingly DH said he is fine doing whatever I want, that ultimately its my choice. HE did say that the babies wont care if they arein sposies for a few days..only I would

I called the hotel and they do have washers and dryers, but Im the maid of honor at my BF's wedding and maybe I shouldnt be dealing with washing dipes during a time like this?
What would you do?

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You could cd if you you have enough cd's to last the entire trip without washing? I CD when I go camping (in a tent). I bring enough cd's for the entire weekend without needing to wash. Back when my DS was a very heavy wetter I would put him in sposies at night while we were camping.

My fave vacation diaper is a FB stuffed with hemp inserts. They keep DS dry the longest and if he went 2 hours without being changed he wouldn't be soaked.
i second packing enough so you don't hane to wash them. recently we were on vacation for a few weeks..had to wash diapers at the hotel---THE DRYER DIDN'T WORK!!! it was auful---ended up having to buy sposies and drying the diapers havging in our room
....just something to think about...i was so mad i had to buy nasty plastic!
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We have CD'ed on all of our vacations. Depending on where we are going, I either take enough to not have to wash, or if we will be gone longer, or are staying with family, I will wash while there.

In a hotel, even if you are not going to wash to use them, I still rinse them out in the tub and hang dry overnight. At least that helps contain smells and I don't feel like the dipes are sitting in pee for 5 days.

We use all pocket dipes, so it does take some room to pack, but not a big deal. I also check my dipes on a plane, I know some prefer to keep them all as carry on, but I find that to be a big hassel.

We've gone on a couple of trips where we've used the hotel washers and dryers. Actually dh washed them last time- just ran the bummi sack down to the washer- it took just a few minutes- no big deal. Then into the dryer later- we used prefolds and on a previous trip when dd was in dipes we used ME OS and prefolds and they were fine in the hotel washer/dryer.

It really was nice to keep using our familiar non-leaking cloth dipes on the trips.

I tried to hand wash in the hotel, but the dipes never dried, even outside in the breeze. It was too damp.

Good luck! check out my post about our long weekend with cloth, it can be done and it wasn't that bad!!!
I do it when we travel. If the hotel has a washer/dryer I just use that, especially once we're in for the night so it doesn't cut into the sightseeing or obligations (since you are a MOH in a wedding). I have also washed in the tub, and hung to dry over the luggage racks, that isn't much fun but it works. And once I had the desk send someone to come and get my dipes and wash them for me, and they did a perfect job. Check with the hotel to make sure the washer/dryer will be available, bring lots so you don't have to wash more than once or twice and enjoy the wedding!
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