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Going to a waterpark with a 2 year old

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My family and i haven't had a weekend in trip in over a year. We are hoping to go to a water park. I was wondering if anyone else had ventured off to a water park. My DS still nurses and to be honest it grosses me out thinking of nursing him around a pool. I am not against NIP, its the sanitation factor. I know that water parks are held to high standards when it comes keeping things clean. nyone have an ideas or suggestions or something to ease my mind.

There's the issue of a nap. My DS is like the energizer bunny when he gets tired. If you didn't know him you would have no idea that if he stopped he'd fall flat and sleep for hours. I have considered taking my large, and not so water proof stroller for this reason. I know that at some point the day he will ask for his nap.

Food and snacks. THe park policy is NO out side food or drink except for babies. My DS is two, so I doubt they consider him a baby, for money sake. I don't want him to fill up on junk food that parks usually offer. He does like to snack esspecially when we are away from home. Would you guys attempt to bring toddler friendly snacks, or hope they had something inside other than ice cream and snow cones.

Finally accesories. Aside from the basics, sunscreen, and bug spray, what else did you bring for your own survival.

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I assume when you say water park you mean one with slides rather than pools and sprayers?

Bring a stroller and bring your own snacks. The worst that will happen is that they will tell you to get rid of the snack that you are currently feeding him and I bet if you find a quiet space and you aren't obtrusive then they won't even notice.

I find that it is better to over pack and overplan than underpack and underplan.

My neice went to a water park when she was 2. My BIL said that she didn't really appreciate it (have much fun) because she was too young. She had more fun when she was 3. There may be a lot of things that you can't do with a two year old, so you may want to plan on bringing toys for him to play with. Make sure that you have a big floppy water hat. I would bring a couple changes of clothes and some plastic bags to put wet stuff in. That way if he can't nap comfortably in wet trunks then you can change him and change him again into new trunks to play more after his nap.
The place we are going two has kid areas, and lazee rivers. I hadn't considered bringing dry clothes for his nap though. We will be there all day. We choose to go with a waterpark because he LOVES water, at one point he was asking to go swimming a lot, but we don't have a pool membership anymore.

We also have my DFs daughter with us. She really really wants to go. We were going to an amusment park first. But i figued my ds woiuldn't like that so much.
We take our kids, old and young, to waterparks frequently. There are always places with lounge chairs, so when I know the baby is going to need to nap I find an empty one and camp out there. Unless they're searching bags, they won't know you have food, just don't pull out a whole picnic, you know? Have fun!
Our waterslides are pretty relaxed because brought a tent for naps and filled it with books and toys. DS was 22 months at the time.

If they complain about food, you may want to state allergies or non=appropriate food for a ususally lets them make an exception, especially if you are buying food from them for other memebers of your party.

Just an idea.....

I think I should be okay with toddler appropriate snacks. I might actually go out and buy food that is labled for toddlers
: . I really don't think they would have those things inside the park.

I can rent a cabana at the place we are going to, but they don't allow you to bring them. I'll have to check the price of one of those. My mom is telling me to leave the stroller because she wants to keep up wiht her grandson. LOL.
(my mom is the most anti baby gadget woman you'll ever meet)

The plus side to all of this is my mom is coming with us. She and my DS gets along great. I am pretty much non existent when she comes over. They have a very good relationship for her to only see him once a month.
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