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Good for you for getting out somewhere for the holidays. There is a newer malaria pill (I think the generic name is Larium, but you may want to do some digging) that does not have the strong halucinagenic side effects that the more common one has. My DH and I used it, no problem. The down side, it costs twice as much (or did at the time we got it) TALK to your DOC.

Also, try checking out the web site at Passport Health, they are a health clinic for international travelers and you can look up info by where you are going. Also check the CDC web site. Both have good travel related health info.

On the one hand you will be very sheltered at one of those ****** resorts, on the other hand I have many friends who have contracted malaria, and it ain't pretty. So protecting yourself is wise.
Happy Travels!

P.S. NOTE: You need to start taking the pills a certain amount of time BEFORE you travel to be effective. So do your homework NOW!
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