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Going to hospital updated post 29 w/ story and picture

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I'm going to the hospital in a couple of hours. They're going to break my water. They are worried about Noelle's size. Wish me luck I'm so nervous!!
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: Oh my..I'm so excited for you! I wish you happy, peaceful labor vibes.

I look forward to reading an update and hope you are holding your sweet babe in your arms soon

Much love and light to you and your sweet babe! Good luck, mama!
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You will be perfect and so will your little one. Much love. I am holding you in my heart tonight.
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Can't wait to hear about your birth! Come to us happy and whole baby Noelle!
Hope all goes well and you are holding your little one soon!
Good luck Candy, I hope you are holding her soon.
Good luck sweetie!! You're going to do great. I can't wait to hear about your sweet baby!
All the best to you, mama! Sending you and your little one lots of love.
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Good luck! Can't wait to hear about the arrival!
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Amazing, peaceful labor vibes to you Candy~~ and safe and wonderful birth for you and Noelle!!!!

~~can't wait to hear your birthstory!!!!
: and
: Mama!!

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Just checking in again Candy.
I'm praying you are holding Noelle in your arms by now and nursing your new baby girl

Update when you can~~~~~

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Ditto! I hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you soon
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Hi Everyone, this is Candy's sister-I see she hasn't been able to update you all so I thought I would

Noelle Catherine was born on Tuesday, the 9th. She was 5lbs 14 oz and 19 in long (which oddly enough is the exact same size my dd was) Lots of dark hair and oh so cute

She unfortunately had a high temp and low blood sugar so has been in the NICU. However she is now doing very well, no signs of infection, her temp has stabalized, she is nursing and gaining weight. So she hopefully will be going home today.

Please send Candy some prayers that she can bring her little girl home asap! Hopefully she will be able to come on here soon and give you more details.
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Thanks for the update and congrats Candy! Sending get well and go home vibes to your little one!

Were they worried about her size as in being too large or too small?
congrats candy!! all of us in the GD group are pulling for your little one!
congrats and wishing you and Noelle a speedy recovery!
Congratulations! I had my baby girl (Rylie Noelle - love that name 'Noelle' LOL) on Monday so I haven't been here to check in as often and totally missed this announcement!

I hope your sweet little lady is home in your arms now. ((( hugs )))
Thanks for the update! Tons of prayers to Candy that Noelle gets to come home very soon, and many congratulations!
Congrats! Hope everyone is home and snuggling in for a wonderful babymoon soon.

Take good care!
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