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going to sleep

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Dd is 10 months old and sleeps most of the night in her crib and comes to bed with us in the morning. I breasfeed her to sleep or my husband rocks her to sleep every night. This is still fine for us. I'm wondering though, how to go about teaching her to fall asleep on her own in the future without letting her CIO.
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you could work on removing the breast from her mouth as she is falling asleep but is still not actually sleeping. at first it may wake her so give it back if that happens (you don't want her to worry that its gone if she falls asleep) but gradually she'll nurse but be able to fall asleep without actually nursing to sleep. its great dp can rock her to sleep prehaps you can try that too so she doesn't just associate nursing with you but be fine with someone else rocking her to sleep-though if that happens you could turn over putting her to bed duties for a while....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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