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GONE! Thanks! FS or Trade: Body Shop Olive Glossing Shampoo

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Hi all. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a 13.5 oz bottle of Olive Glossing Shampoo at the Body Shop on the recomendation of the sales person. I used it 2x and it is NOT right for my hair. It says that it is for normal/dry hair. I hate to throw it away since I paid 12.50 for it and it is still a full bottle. Here is the link for info

Anybody use it?

$7.00 includes shipping.



Large diaper covers (really like nikki's)

Vegan cookbooks

Size 20 women's clothes - need yoga/excer. clothes, long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts (prefer no-logo)

French movies/books/tapes

Art (paintings, cool posters)

Buddhist books, art

Homemade cleaning & personal products

hanging canopy for dd bed

bamboo curtains

bumble & bumple gentle shampoo

Monkey Suds products

Giftcards to amazon, B&N, target, fred meyers, powells, regal cinemas

Harry Potter costume that will fit DD (herminone)

Napolean Dynomite

wiggles on DVD or kid stuff (we gave the guitar) or Barney DVD: please though, no clothes

old musicals on DVD

working DVD player (

I heart huklebees on DVD

PM if you have something to offer (ds is 1/dd is 6)

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would you be interested in trading for a used 1x (and washed) Lana cover?
I just traded for this. I had to run my dd to school and just got back to post.

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