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***Sorry, everything is gone***

I offered these to the Holiday Helpers, but haven't heard anything back. There are no families on the HH list who were looking for newborn gear. So I'll offer my stuff here:

Gender Neutral Newborn package, all items gently used:
2 pairs baby shoes
4 pairs socks
2 gowns
2 footed sleepers
Onesie, leggings, long sleeve top
3 caps
4 bibs
Bath mitt
Cloth book
Denim teddy bear

Shameless Regifting for a Mom, all items new, unused:
Quarter ounce bottle of Victoria's Secret dream Angels Heavenly perfume
Box of English Breakfast Tea, sealed
Sterling silver necklace with the name "Karen" spelled out in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs (interpretive guide to hieroglyphs included)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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