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I'm relatively new to diapering (just over 2 weeks), and I've found that the fuzzi bunz are GREAT for my dd. We have 2 and we use them at night. She's a heavy wetter (15mo) and we haven't had a leak yet.

Do you snappi/pin the prefolds or do you fold them into a cover? I haven't had luck with snappi-ing, I just trifold my CPFs and lay them in the bumpkins covers - I find that works great.

I've heard a lot of women rave about happy heineys (they're pocket dipes) - we're going to try a couple when I'm allowed to buy diapers again!

You could also try a sample pack of different options. Here are three websites where I've had great service/great sample packs:

I have a bunch more that folks have mentioned on these pages - but I have actually ordered from these ladies.

You'll find a lot of helpful suggestions on this web site. It's been a life-saver for me.

Good Luck!

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