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Good articles/research/statistics on CIO?

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Does anyone know where I can find good articles, research and/or statistics on 'crying it out'? Or just waiting until baby starts crying before picking him up (instead of picking baby up as soon as he/she starts fussing).

My sister and I talked about this today. Our babies were born on the same day and are 3 months + 1 week old. She said she lets her DD cry for a while (until DD starts screaming!) before she picks her up and feeds her. We both BF but she tries to stick to a schedule whereas I feed on demand. I never let DS cry if I don't have to but she says he'll turn out like her 5-year old DS, who's quite a handful and wants everybody's attention all the time! I don't believe that at all but how do I convince her that I'm right?
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I'm reading a great book that talks about the stress that CIO induces and how it can permanently alter a baby's brain. It's called THE SCIENCE OF Parenting. IT even has pictures of brain scans of babies who are not held or picked up when they cry and how their frontal lobes have a lot of black areas versus babies who are responded to each time and are given lots of loving: they have far less black areas in their brains. It's fascinating.

It also talks about how secure and independent those babies are who have parents who help them settle down as opposed to babies who are left to cio. The cio babies actually end up being more clingy and insecure and have lots of anxiety and depression issues later in life.

Of course, its' possible that infants have depression and cio is generally the cause.
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