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Good book for first time mom?

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My SIL is young (22, but a very young 22) and she is expecting her first baby in August. She keeps saying that she'll "try" to breastfeed but I would like to give her a book to give her some more info. She has seen me breastfeeding for years (I practice child-led weaning) so she should know a lot but it's nice to have info on hand. Something light, not to hippy-ish. Thanks for any info!
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one thing you can do if it works for you guys is take her to a LLL meeting in your area. i know quite a few young moms in my area who changed their minds after they got to meet the other bfeeding moms and hear their stories.

i think they have a book called the womanly art of bfeeding i think.

honestly for me - it was LLL and that really helped me.

actually if you have the time first visit the LLL meeting yourself and see if you like the group. i have heard of some leaders not being so "__" and thus not creating a pleasant environment.
I think The Breastfeeding Book by Dr. Sears is a good one, especially if you want to sneak in some AP ideas, too!
He not only discusses all sorts of breastfeeding info, but briefly mentions things like not being able to spoil, co-sleeping, babywearing, etc.
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Anything By Dr Sears is WONDERFUL!
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