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Good dye for clothing???

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I want to dye the bulk of my underwear black. What should I take into consideration? Toxicity? Natural-ness?

Come'on with the suggestions!
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Hmm... I used to wear black underwear because it didn't stain. But, then I found out that dyes in underwear can irritate your girly bits. I have to say, since I stopped wearing dark colored underwears, my girly bits have been less irritated.

That said, I imagine you'd want one of the fiber reactive dyes that they sell at dharmatrading since they're less likely to discharge. Some natural dyes, or the mordants used, can be pretty toxic (although I don't think logwood or walnut hulls are) and generally need to be re-dyed now and then, unless you are happy to embrace the fading.
I do like the no-stain factor, but I also just feel good in black undies.

I like your answer, I knew someone would know the particulars I was looking for. However, I feel dumb. I didn't understand most of your answer and I need you to clarify and explain some stuff. Can you define some of the words you used please?
check out Dharma Trading Company for explanations about their various dyes and the other chemicals that go along with them. You could probably even email them to ask them which particular dye they recomend.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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