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Good Eye Doctor in the St. Louis area??

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We are moving to the stl area in a few weeks. My dd is going to need ongoing therapy and probably surgery so we are shopping ahead for good doctors. Does anybody know a good ophthalmologist and/ or developmental optometrist? We are moving to Lake St. Louis but willing to travel for a good, smart doctor.

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My whole family sees an ophthalmologist named James Bobrow. His office is located in Clayton. I've known him and his family for years and completely trust him. He's professional and extremely thorough. His office always seems to have the latest technology. I definitely would not hesitate to recommend him - I'm very pleased with him.

Thanks for the rec! I will def. look him up.

my parents recommended Frank Catanzaro to me...I have an appointment with him tomorrow. I believe he is at Mo Bap. When I called to make the appointment his staff was very friendly which seems to be a good beginning. I can let you know how he is after my apt.
thanks, hockeymama! please let me know how it goes.
Well I just got back from Dr. Catanzaro. He is VERY nice, very gentle and so is the woman who did the opthamology exam...he did the medical part. All in all I really enjoyed my visit (as much as you can enjoy an eye exam) and the pffice staff was wonderful!

Hope this helps you!
My dd has some eye problems, we go to the Children's eye clinic in Children's hospital. The appts usually take awhile, but they are very thorough.
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