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Good, hands-off midwives in Victoria?

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Friend of a friend is on a fast track for an unnecessary c-section with her OB, and none of us know any midwives in Victoria, let alone the good from the bad! Can anyone recommend?
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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "hands-off"... I assume you mean "without unnecessary interventions".

I had a wonderful experience with Susan Eyres from the Cook Street Midwives. My secondary midwife was busy at another birth that night but we had a student involved in our care and she was awesome. I had a very long labour (36 hours). I think that part of the reason it was a successful home-birth is because of the great care I received. She was great.
I know, however, that a few things we did are not practiced by other midwives. For example, after labouring for a while (my sense of time is totally skewed, I just know it was a long time), she felt my bag of waters and said it was ready to burst but it was very tough so with my consent, she broke it. I guess that might not be considered "hands-off"?? If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or to PM me.
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By hands off I did mean non-interventive. A midwife whose policy is to let women labour and birth on their own instead of 'trying things' to augment your body.
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Maybe a TBA?

or you could contact Gloria Lemay, she might know of someone in Victoria.
Thanks guys!!
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