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Good homebirthing midwives in midcoast Maine?

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We are moving to Alna in 3 weeks. We are currently in Southern Maine, so I was planning a birth at the Ballard House. Now that we will be 1.5 hours away, I am thinking of a homebirth.

Does anyone know of any midwives?

Also, any holistic/alternative pediatritians?

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Hi Mama,
My friend Robin has a midwifery practice in Maine...
Here's her e-mail

Tell her Chris's friend in VT gave you her info

Good luck
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We used Sarah from Northern Sun Family Healthcare in Topsham, she was amazing! She guided us through two of the most amazing and gentle births I could have ever imagined.

We also interviewed Dolores Carbonneau from Alna. PM me if you would like either number.
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Yup...currently using Donna and Ellie from Morningstar Midwifery ( They're great!! Ellie also does some teaching at Birthwise Midwifery School in Bridgeport and is super active in Midwives of Maine. She has tons of experience... Donna is equally awesome.

When are you due? your first or...?

I also teach Birthing From Within classes...
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Great!! Thanks everybody.

I talked with the midwives at the Ballard House. They seem to think everything will be fine if we continued going there. But do I really want to drive 1.5 hours to every appt. and the birth? I don't know...

So we're keeping our options open!
i drove from edecomb to ballard in labor and it was absolutly no fun!!!!!!!! great birth terrible ride!!!

Originally Posted by Jecca
i drove from edecomb to ballard in labor and it was absolutly no fun!!!!!!!! great birth terrible ride!!!
And I thought the drive from Bath to Wiscasset was a nightmare. During 1st shift shipyard traffic.
My midwife Karen Hays, who delivered my first in Seattle, is good friends with Dolores Carbonneau. I don't know if she does homebirths, and I haven't gotten to meet her here in Maine yet--I believe she may be in nursing school currently--but I hear fab things about her. FWIW...good luck with your deliberations. jenny in Portland
Brenda Surabian was my hb midwife and I've heard good things about Deidre Sulka-Meister around here too.
Thanks everyone!

We move in a week, so once we are settled, I will start contacting people. I'm going to keep my options open. I know the midwives at the Ballard House want me to stay with them, but I don't know how I feel about the drive, etc.

I'll keep you updated
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