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YEAH!! Ever since getting involved with this forum I have taken circ very serious and am getting very pro-active. My DH was talking to one of his co-workers the other day about circ and it became a big conversation, others overheard and got involved. He works at a car dealership and I usually take my night walk with our son and dog over to see him (he works close). Anyway, the conversation was in full swing by the time I got there and I was definatly out numbered and caught off guard. There were 2 dads, a mom, and a single young guy, me and my husband. I basically kept stating that there was no medical need. At the end of the conversation one of the guys asked me to e-mail him some info. So I did. Apparently when my husband went to work this morning the guy approached him and the conversation started again.(I see that as a sign that the guy was still thinking about it
). He was still talking very pro-circ when another guy (that was not present yesterday) stepped in and backed up everything I had said!!! He said he wouldn't do it if he ever has a son
. The other guy just looked at them and said "wow I never knew that"
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