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Well, that book is among the top favorites for my son. We used to check it out of the library all the time andin the cover was an inscrption saying , To all my friends at the (name of town) library, sweet dreams , Denise Dowling Mortensen.

Finally for his bday we got my son his own copy but he still wanted me to read the inscription which of course was not there. I still pretended to read it.

Luckily for us the author was at a book signing and I told her the story and she gave Michael a new inscription for his book!
and can I just say she was soooo nice. She has 5 kids and even homeschooled for a bit of time. As it turned out she lives VERY near me in a neighboring town.
I can't believe a famous author is practically my neighbor.

and here are my kids with her:

meeting the author
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