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I'm 23 week pregnant (first time), and my husband and I have decided to switch from our OB to hospital midwife recently (our OB is at NW hospital, and they don't have midwife option there).<br><br>
I found the Group Health birth center seems to be the best option in the area, but our insurance (uniform) doesn't cover their facility fee... <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="greensad"><br><br>
Now, we are left with two option - Maternal Infant Care Clinic at UWMC or Swedish birth center in Ballard (if anyone knows other hospital which has midwifery birth center, I would really appreciate to hear that!).<br><br>
They each have several midwives, and I have no information about them at this moment. Do you guys have any recommendation?<br><br>
Just to get thing going, I just made meet & greet app w/Michelle Grandy at UWMC, and Heather Paar at Swedish. But I still have a week from these app, I can still ask them to change the app w/another midwives.<br><br>
Thanks for your help in advance!<br><br>
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