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Good OB/VBAC Hospitals in So. Cal??? Help!!!

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I was told I should come here to try to see if anyone knows a good OB and a good hospital to deliver my third child at. I live near San Bernardino, and want to have a VBAC.
I currently go to Arrowhead Regional in Colton where I don't feel like I am getting the care I should with my previous history. I had pre-e with my first son which progressed into HELLP syndrome, and my second was a stillborn. I am seen only by medical students, in which many times I know as much as they do....

I just would like to see a good OB (hopefully more experienced) that will be checking me better and looking out for the signs of anything that might go wrong with this pregnancy. I am currently 24 weeks, and am coming upon the time that my last baby died, in which they didn't even offer to try to determine why he died, and then later lost my blood work to have genetic testing done. If it is something preventable, it would be nice to know NOW before anything happens again...

Thanks, Mary

Oh, I have Medi-cal, so I think I should be pretty much accepted anywhere???
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Hi, it's a little bit of a drive, but try Dr. Alwan in Upland. He does VBACs and is a good mix of traditional and non-interventionist medicine. If you do a search for his phone number, you can find him. Good luck!
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