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Good place online to buy essential oils?

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Can someone point me towards a good (and preferably relatively inexpensive!) place to buy EOs online? I'm specifically looking for lavendar, tto, and peppermint. (No, I don't want the peppermint for dipes LOL!). Anyway, please help! And if any WAHMs around here sell oils, feel free to SPAM me!
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This doesn't help with peppermint, but earthbaby has TTO and lavender.

I don't know what these usually run, but I know I paid 10 bucks for a bottle of patchouli oil once, so I assume these prices are not bad.

A non-diaper site I found with lower prices is but I am not sure if they have peppermint.

A good way to find low prices on things, if you don't know of it, is to do a froogle search... instead of and it will take you just to sites that sell that item and you can find good prices that way.
Mountain Rose Herbs has lavender, tea tree, and peppermint:
look locally too!
I found a local shop that sells them for way cheaper then I can get online! It just took a bit of searching!

I have purcahsed from LavenderLane and I've been pleased with their oils.
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