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Good price for Kissaluvs?

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Is $6 a good price for Kissaluvs? Thanks
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For new ones? Yes. They are usually about $10.
that's a good price for used ones in excellent condition....
Are those for the fitteds or the contours?

Originally Posted by mimid
Are those for the fitteds or the contours?
These are fitteds. They are used but no stains or anything. Some of them are stretch terry material rather than the cotton fleece. Familiar with this?
they sound like the majority of what we have. it is a good price for used if in VG- EXC condition. most of mine were around 5-6ppd.
For me, I would buy new. I had bought some used ones that appeared to be in excellent condition and I planned on saving them for future children and while looking for something else I discovered that their elastic was shot. The ones I bought new were fine. I have heard many times about Kissaluvs elastic not lasting. BTW they were stored in a cool area in plastic bins.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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