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My daughter is going into 5th grade but is reading at about a 3rd grade level. I'm trying to find short chapter books for her to read that are pretty good quality. It seems like everything on the Waldorf Student Reading List is a classic and too difficult for her to read. At our local library we got turned on to a series of fairie books that are okay, but not great. They're at least better than the Magic Treehouse books (I've got a thing about those books) but I'm looking for something similar. Does anyone have suggestions for good books at this level?

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Hmmm. How about some of Judy Bloom's books for younger readers? The Fudge books or Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great? I remember The 100 Dresses by Eleanor Estes being quite short and an easy read, as well. The American Girls historical series are surprisingly well written. These all might be slightly more difficult than Magic Treehouse or the Rainbow Magic Fairies.

Cynthia Rylant's Cobble Street Cousins series is very, very easy, but fairly well written -- they might be a little dull for a fifth-grader, though. Other easy-reader series that my daughter liked were Dragon Slayers Academy and A to Z Mysteries. I can't say either series is great lit, but definitely a cut above Magic Treehouse. Oh, and she loved the Katie Kazoo series of early chapter books. Those would appeal to an older kid pretty well, I think -- Katie magically switches places with other people and animals, and the books are pretty decent for an early-reader series.
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What about Little House on the Prairie? It's been awhile since I've read one of those books, but I think they're around that grade level.
Thanks so much! Great suggestions! I saw some of the A to Z mysteries at the library -- I'll get a couple next time.
My daughter is only 6 so not reading chapter books on her own yet. So, I am not totally sure of what a 3rd grade level is like! However, I do read chapter books to my daughter that are meant for the 9-12 year age range.

We really like older books and if you have a look at The New York Review children's books, there are quite a few gems on there.
We just recently finished the Carbonel series and they were absolutely amazing! They are full if magic and friendship and adventure.
What about the other Eleanor Estes books--the Moffats (there are several books that follow this family), and she's written several others that are also fun.

There is another series of books--the Cat Club by Esther Averill that may be just right.

On the cat theme, Ursula LeGuinn wrote the Catwings series and my dd loved that.

There is another series of (I think) 8, the first book is called The Unicorn's Secret. It's a very charming story.

I think it is a giant balance, because most of the books recommended for early readers or even a certain age range are totally not appropriate for what my Waldorf kids have been exposed to.
Are you familiar with They have fantastic book recommendations. I've never been disappointed with their quality.
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